Embrace your Wild

Women are not linear, we ebb & flow just like Mother Nature.
As the seasons change, as the day changes, as the Moon changes, so do we.

You feel it, don’t you?

The trouble for so many of us, is that we are not living in a way which breathes life into our cycles. What should be powerful and beautiful instead feels like chaos.

So many of us have never learned to live in a way where our bodies and soul can thrive. But there is a permanent and powerful feminine force which surrounds us always. An energy we can turn to, not only for guidance outside of ourselves but also to help us find peace within ourselves too.

She is Mother Nature and she is the Moon.
The greatest Divine Feminine force within us is our connection to nature. We are cyclical beings just like her; we are her. By listening to her wisdom we can reclaim so much of ourselves that we have forgotten.

Are you ready to learn how to step fully into your femininity and really claim all of your uniqueness? Then it’s time to join the Wild Moon tribe.


Hello, I’m Gina

Moon enthusiast, nature lover and your fellow Wild Moon sister.

Allowing myself to be inspired by and guided by the Moon and the seasons, has enabled me to learn so much about myself as a woman and about my body too. I am on a mission to help you do the same.

The Moon and the seasons are both powerful divine Feminine forces and are both something constant, steady and predictable for us, as Wild women, to tap into and embrace. Their ebbs and flows give us something to hold onto during times of chaos and times of uncertainly and can teach us so much about ourselves.

Digital Events

The Wild Moon women gather in circle under the Full or New Moon to heal, we gather in workshops to learn or we gather to embrace the seasonal changes together. And you are invited.

“One of the most empowering acts for women to carry out is to gather in circle. To lift each other up, love ourselves fiercely and honour our natural cycles.”

This digital space is where we get to meet, share and learn as I guide you through current energetic themes and powerful release visualisations and teachings.

The next event is:

Digital Events


I choose to do the whole blog thing a little differently.

I’m all about diving into the raw stuff, into the messy stuff, the emotion of it all; healing is one of those messy human things which is not a linear journey at all. There is no end to growth and healing it is a constant cycle of ups and downs, expansion and retraction. What I have chosen to do here is share excerpts from my personal journaling practice. I write in order to release, to understand and to dig deeper into what is going on in my internal world.

This blog, is a series of little snapshots of my personal journaling story; unedited and uncensored, to show you the reality of what healing looks like. I hope it helps you understand your process a little better Wild one.

Wild as the Moon blogs link

Digital Tarot

Part of the my offerings to help support and guide you is Tarot.
To help empower you to usher in a new level of self-awareness and understanding, so that you can take control of your own choices. Reclaim the chaos and start living on your own terms.

I can help you to objectively view specific areas within your life, to highlight alternative ways of looking at or dealing with situations, emotions or restricting beliefs. Helping you to see things you had perhaps not previously considered or been aware of. This gives you a better foundation to make more powerful choices for yourself.

Connect you your Divine Feminine