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Long haired empowered female against a twilight sky

Are you ready to stray from the path and finally get to work – on yourself?

Wild as the Moon is a sanctuary of female empowerment and a community for weird women. Yup, we’re reclaiming that moniker.

This is the space for beautiful experiences with like minded souls, surfing the waves that might have engulfed you once upon a time, healing ancestral patterns and learning to live in tune with your own nature.

You’re a free spirit at heart, with a burning passion to be of service in the world, yet right now you are feeling an ache of unfulfillment. Darling, you are NOT alone, it’s a wild ride out there!

It’s time to put yourself first, sweet one, rekindle those fires, dig deep in that cauldron and sip at life’s rich elixir.

Women are magical

You are magical.

You feel it don’t you? That wolfish call to connect with your own power?

It’s time to discover your potential.


Dive into your journey


“Hitting rock bottom showed me who I am, what I want and how strong I am: it was the most transformative place I have ever been. Connecting with women who actually understood me, was a game changer. 

I came to realise that, for years I had pushed down my feminine qualities and focused entirely on the masculine energies in me. It’s so easy to overlook or dismiss our femininity as weakness; but we are powerful creatures when we allow ourselves to flow.”

“Without you and your amazing abilities…I don’t think I would have got here. I find comfort in the readings and purpose too…That powers beyond my comprehension are helping me. I’m hooked and look forward to more guidance from you both. You started this journey – and I’m hitching a ride!”

Natalie Berger


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