Finding magic in Wild places

Wild as the Moon is a digital sanctuary for women to come together and share in their methods of not only coping with this weird old world we live in, but thriving in it!

Together we embrace the power of our Divine Feminine through working with the Moon cycle, seasonal cycle and gathering in circle. With the the aid of crystals, Tarot, herbs and conscious living to support our journey with the Moon.

Through learning how to connect with our inner world and with mother nature, we can learn to really listen to ourselves and forge the life we most desire to live.

Welcome to your community of Wild Moon women; helping each other to learn, grow and thrive is just the most beautiful thing.

Hi, I’m Gina. Creator of Wild as the Moon.

Wild as the Moon came to be, after the single biggest adventure of my life.
January 2020 I was in a very different place. Both mentally and geographically!

Actually, I was living in a van by myself as a way to escape reality for a while. Because everything had become too much.

Although living alone in a van to escape sounds a little extreme now, it didn’t feel that way at the time. But it turned out to be the most transformative thing I have ever done for myself. I quit my job and disappeared for 12 weeks over winter, to live in a van, touring the UK.

During the day time I would be off exploring whatever part of the countryside I was in; I covered a lot of ground. So I spent a lot of that time just immersing myself in nature. Waterfalls, forests, mountains, lakes and beaches. I just really took the time to connect with Earth again. 

Then in the evenings, as it was winter, the sun was setting around 4/5pm so I had a lot of evening to fill, in the dark, out in the middle of nowhere. That gave me the space and time I needed to really face myself, with no distractions and to learn how to feel my feelings and heal. 

I spent night after night reading up on different techniques, and actually putting those things into practise. It was HARD WORK, really hard work. But I learned so much about myself in such a short amount of time. I managed to completely transform how I was viewing myself and figuring out what I wanted from my life when I got home. 

Many of the things I learned have been invaluable to my mental health over the chaos that was 2020. So I want to be able to offer some of what I learned and am still learning today, to others, such as yourself. To help you thrive in this weird old world too.

I put myself through a massive 12 week, solo crash course and it was difficult and physically draining. It’s not necessarily realistic to work through anything that quickly. I was lucky enough to be able to step away and take that solo time. But there are loads of  techniques and experiences which I can share with you, which you can integrate into your life, if they feel right. 

We are all on our own journey after all, but I am here to help you with yours.

Wild love, Gina x

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