Creating magic and shaking things up - the Sisterhood a.k.a membership site for women

Are you ready to tap into your full potential and live the life of your dreams?

Welcome to the Wild as the Moon Sisterhood – a membership site for women (although we prefer to call it a portal to magic and wisdom sharing). This Portal exists because we love nothing more than being able to bring our fellow women the tools they need to embrace their full magical power.

Women’s Circles are bloody powerful and so needed in our turbulent times; so, consider this your invitation to answer the call of the collective wild woman.

We are visionaries, we are queens, we are sisters of the moon.

We have come across so many women who are lonely or feel there is something missing from their life. That’s why there is something incredibly powerful about a group of women coming together; we know the Sisterhood is going to be truly magical. Because women together are an unstoppable force.

Gather with us for:

Intentional tools
Collective transformation
Wisdom sharing



The thought of not being accepted or deemed not enough by another person is devastating. But, at the same time, we often find ourselves daydreaming about unashamedly showing the world our full range of colours and aspects. We are stuck between two opposites.

Do what feels right for YOU. If you are wondering “is it ok to join the Sisterhood?” please know we do not need to give you permission dear one. You do not need permission to take up space: you can sit with us, you are allowed, it is ok.

Join us in a little ecstatic dance (campfires optional) and check out our Wild as the Moon Spotify playlist.

Dip your toes in with some solo work whilst you are waiting for the portal to open. Check out the intentional tools and services we have crafted to support you in doing just that.

If you have any burning questions for us or simply fancy a natter, we’d love to hear from you (it always makes us smile when our star sisters reach out to us), get in touch.