Take a deeper look

Tarot is the ultimate guidance tool. It can help to bring a whole new level of self awareness, so that you can start unpicking the knots, calm the chaos, and begin living on your own terms.

I can support you with a Digital Tarot Reading to help you to see things you had perhaps not previously considered or been aware of. This gives you a better foundation to make more aligned choices for yourself. If you’d like a Digital Tarot reading, there are different options to choose from below. Simply email me to let me know what reading or readings you’d like and I will be in touch – I can’t wait to hear from you, Gina.


Tarot spreads to choose from

The style of my readings pinpoint specific subjects in order to offer you support, guidance and insight in those areas which need a little extra attention. They usually consist of around ten questions based on your chosen subject and I type them up into a pdf for you to keep and refer back to as often as you like.

If you have a specific area you’d like me to dive into that you don’t see below, just let me know.
– £20 each


  • General relationship overview
  • What’s the problem
  • Relationship compatibility
  • My next relationship


  • Am I heading in the right direction?
  • Two choices, what do I do?


  • Ancestral Lines reading
  • Building bridges


  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Overall health

Self Development

  • General life reading
  • General self reading
  • What’s the problem?
  • How can I love myself better
  • What am I not seeing?

Moon Magic

  • Full Moon Spread
  • New Moon Spread

If you’d like a Digital Tarot Reading, simply email me to let me know which reading you would like – hello@wildasthemoon.co.uk

I will get in touch to confirm what you’d like to know. Once payment has been received, I endeavour to do your reading within a week.
When it’s ready, your reading will be emailed to you as a beautiful pdf. 

This means there will be a record of the reading for you to refer back to, time and time again.

Digital Tarot Reading Reviews

Without you and your amazing abilities…I don’t think I would have got here. I find comfort in the readings and purpose too…That powers beyond my comprehension are helping me. I’m hooked and look forward to more guidance from you.” – Natalie

“Gina that was amazing! It’s so weird how you mentioned taking on the emotions of the world it’s been getting me so down… This really helped as always and it’s great having it out in front of me in an email like that so I can go back as a reminder.” – Sam

“Wow! Gina this is spot on. I can totally relate to all of this. Thank you it all makes so much sense to me and I know what I need to do. Thank you so much” – Helen

“OK so I am just going to say it plain… FUCKING HELL GINA! That was 100% spot on… I will read over and over as I think I just need to absorb more… had a little cry no lying, but a good one.” – Natalie

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