Containers and facilitation for your journey

Connect in with your intuition and deeper knowing with offerings tailored to where you are at on your journey. Through Tarot Readings and guided Alchemical Chocolate sessions, you’ll be supported to take the next step on your own uncharted path.

Alchemical Chocolate Sessions

You’re probably here because you are ready to make some changes in your life. Feeling unfulfilled and unclear on which steps to take to fix that? You are not alone!

These sessions are designed to help you quieten the external chatter, uncover where you truly want to go and learn about yourself in the process.

You will be supported in; tuning into your inner compass, tapping into your own well of power and uncovering solutions to issues you may have been struggling with – all facilitated by the delicious medium of hot chocolate!

The affirmation that most strongly plays out through the act of imbibing cacao is “I am here, in this body”; we’re often so busy in our minds, looking to the future that we disconnect with the present and cacao can gently push us back to being where we are right now.

Ready to dive into the deep, molten cup?

Tarot Readings

We often grip so tightly onto the reality that is directly in front of us, that we forget we always have other options.

You alone, carve your own destiny; destiny does not become reality unless you choose to say ‘yes’ when opportunity comes knocking.

One of the the most powerful qualities of Tarot is its ability to help you understand how you really feel about a situation, person, place or choice.

Tarot cards are pretty straight talking, they don’t give you a “softly softly” approach, their messages often pack a punch, but the real magic of Tarot lies in what happens afterwards.

Tarot can help open your mind and heart to see all the hidden options out there ready for you to say YES to.

Are you ready to take control of your future?