Summer botanicals smoke stick


Summer botanicals smoke stick made with Wild foraged and home grown plants. More information below.

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Summer botanicals smoke stick

I have crafted this smoke stick to help you embrace the high energy of summer in a healthy way. Made with wild foraged Cedar, Bay and Shasta Daisy. It’s the perfect time to connect to our sense of play, joy, creativity and sensual pleasure. It is equally important to maintain a sense of balance to avoid burnout or overdoing it. Light this smoke stick to release the summertime plant magic and allow it to stir up inspiration and playfulness, whilst cleansing and grounding your energy.

Cedar: Both powerfully protective and particularly good for cleansing a room or creating sacred spaces.

Bay: A powerful magical plant which is ruled by fire and the sun. Its magical properties include healing, protection, love and success.

Shasta Daisy: A flower for passionate love, playfulness and friendship. Made into flower crowns during summer Sabats. Other properties include protection, happiness, creativity, abundance and clarity.

Viola: This plant teaches us there is great power in small things. The kind of energy that moves with compassion and care, that transforms without disrupting. It holds a beautiful feminine energy helping you move as you need to move.

Honeysuckle: Used in spells designed to determine the worth of things. This plant will help you to direct your energies into only those things which are important and aligned.

Hold the end of your stick over a candle until it smoulders or catches light. If lit, gently blow out the flame allowing it to release aromatic smoke into your space. Use it with a heatproof bowl to catch any falling embers. You can leave your stick in one place or move it around your space/ yourself for cleansing. Use in a well ventilated area and never leave a smouldering stick unattended. Extinguish after use.

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