Purify: Meditation Burning Herbs


Smoulder sticks are bundles of herbs bound together and dried for the purpose of burning. As you burn your Smoulder Stick an aromatic smoke is released containing many of the beneficial compounds. Our sticks are handcrafted with a blend of homegrown organic herbs and foraged plants each with their own unique qualities.

‘Purify’ is a smoulder stick created with powerful allies to help cleanse both your space and your mind.

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‘Purify’ is a smoulder stick created with powerful allies to help cleanse both your space and your mind.

Cedar – The warming, grounding crackle of Cedar helps to clear the way for fresh new energy

Pine – Protective and cleansing with powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Pine is said to help refresh us when we are worn out, uplifting our spirits and refreshing our mind

Eucalyptus – Strongly purifying and cleansing this ally clears the air literally and metaphorically 

Sage – from the Latin ‘salvare’ meaning to save, or to heal. This plant has been used medicinally for thousands of years. It is antibacterial helping to cleanse a space, and can also help to boost our mood and help us to de-stress

Rosemary – One of the oldest known incenses, awakening and uplifting it promotes healing and is thought to remove negativity from an area. Aids clarity, reduces mental fatigue and burn out. 

Bay – Believed to protect the home, Bay symbolises wisdom and is associated with the Sun. It has relaxing and uplifting properties and has been used by our ancestors for thousands of years.


How To Use
Hold the end of your stick over a candle until it smoulders or catches alight. If lit, gently blow it out
allowing it to release aromatic smoke into your space. Use with a heatproof bowl to catch any falling
embers. As your stick smoulders place it in your calm space or on your altar to smoke away gently as
you relax or you may wish to move it around your space for cleansing.
If you would prefer not to burn your stick, you can hang it above your bed or place on your altar to enjoy
the energy of the plants.

Use in a well ventilated area. Never leave unattended. Always extinguish after use. Please note that
plants are powerful and not all are recommended for use during pregnancy or if you have certain health
conditions, please always consult a specialist before use.

Please read our Terms & Conditions before use.


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