New Moon smoke stick


New Moon smoke stick made with Wild foraged and home grown plants. More information below.

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New Moon smoke stick

At roughly 8 inches long, these smoke sticks have been hand crafted with wild foraged and home grown plants to enhance your New Moon rituals. This particular smoke stick has a cedar base and is decorated with equally magical Mugwort and white heather.

Magical Properties

Cedar: Incredibly protective and great to help you cleanse a room or create a sacred space as it helps to attract good energy. It is said to aid in manifesting magic, especially when centred around personal transformation, making it the perfect New Moon companion.

Mugwort: Mugwort, also known as Artemesia Vulgaris, is named after the Lunar Goddess Artemis. She invites us to travel from the material world into the magical. It stimulates the creative centres of the brain helping you to visualise and feel into your New Moon wishes.

Heather: Associated with the planet Venus it calls in protection, passion, a lust for life and good fortune. Whatever your intention is over the New Moon, this will help call it in.

Hold the end of your stick over a candle until it smoulders or catches light. If lit, gently blow out the flame allowing it to release aromatic smoke into your space. Use it with a heatproof bowl to catch any falling embers. You can leave your stick in one place or move it around your space/ yourself for cleansing. Use in a well ventilated area and never leave a smouldering stick unattended. Extinguish after use.

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