New Moon crystal set


Use this set of crystals to manifest abundance, joy, creativity, inspiration and emotional wellness at the New Moon. More information below.

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New Moon crystal set

I have put together this set of ethically sourced crystals to help support you with your New Moon magic.
The New Moon is a powerful time to plant the seeds of intention to help propel you towards your truest desires and. Use these crystals to take an opportunity to look inwards. Reflect on how you wish to move forwards in all aspects of your life. The New Moon is a time of pure possibility and potential, a time to plant seeds, create and start building new things.

Clear Quartz– This is a powerful crystal to work with at the New Moon. You can programme it with your intention and carry them with you to keep that energy close.

Tiger Eye– Keep with you to help draw in everything that you wish for. This crystal also acts a boost of motivation and confidence to make positive changes for yourself. Helps to dissolve negativity and encourages brightness and optimism.

Carnelian- Bursting with creativity and confidence. Helpful for increasing energy. Carnelian stimulates the creative mind, personal power and vitality. It radiates happy energy and life force. Is powerfully supportive during new beginnings and spiritual rebirth, at times like the New Moon

The crystals come in the pouch with an information slip about the crystals inside.
Want to see see the New Moon crystal set in person? Check to see if I’m coming to an event near you.


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