Moon Cycle Crystal Grid


These grids are  19x19x3cm approx and have been created with the moon cycle at the core of their design. The moon holds an incredibly strong energy and incredible things can be achieved when you utilise her power.
Within the grid design you will see the full, eight stage moon cycle, starting with the dark new moon followed by her waxing stages through to full moon and waning to new moon again.

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Wild As The Moon, Moon cycle grids are made from natural, untreated wood, straight from the tree. I air dry the wood myself and then hand select the pieces for specific grid designs. The wood is supplied by a local tree surgeon as waste material. So no trees have been felled in order to create these pieces for you! Instead I have created lasting beauty from something which would have otherwise been unwanted.

Using ethically sourced and completely natural wood is a wonderful way of keeping the energy of your grid practises grounded and positive.

Every grid in the Wild As The Moon shop has been designed by me and created free hand, so every grid has its own personality, shape and wood texture.

What is a crystal grid?

Crystal grids are the perfect way to harness the full energy of your crystal babies. Arrange your crystals in the specific geometric shapes to focus and enhance their energy. For example, the moon grids have been designed to help you set your new moon intentions or to help with your full moon release work during your moon rituals. Likewise, the design of each Chakra grid has been created with a specific intention and energy from the outset.

How to use your moon cycle crystal grid

When using your moon cycle crystal grid you want to have a specific intention in mind. Use this intention to decide which crystals to work with.

The main focus crystal goes at the centre. For example, for a new moon intention setting practice you could place clear quartz at the centre. Clear quartz holds onto energy and therefore intensifies the energy of your intention. The other crystals you pick based on whatever your intention is and they go around the edge of the grid. Possibly citrine for abundance or rose quartz for love etc. Use as many or as few as you want for whatever intention you want to set.

Use the moon cycle crystal grid to set your intention before a meditation. Also as a sleep aid to place in your bedroom, for moon ceremonies or any other purpose where you want to intensify the energy of crystals.


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Grids are made to order and will have up to a 2 week shipping time.


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