Full Moon in Taurus circle 18th November


Full Moon in Taurus Circle, November 18th on Zoom.


The Full Moon is a time associated with high emotions as she brings all of our unresolved or hidden energies to the surface. She does this so that we can face them, process them, and in turn heal them; creating space for more positive energies to come in.

A Taurus Full Moon is a great reminder that by paying attention to our senses – what we can touch, taste, smell, and feel – we can ground ourselves and make life feel more at ease. If you’d like help navigating some of those emotions, I would love for you to join me in circle where I will offering some practical ways to navigate the more difficult emotions, plus a release visualisation to get you started.

This is a digital event, held on Zoom. As with all Wild as the Moon events I invite you to create a beautiful space to immerse yourself in during circle – candles, crystals, soft blankets, hot tea, comfy clothes, incense, anything that makes the experience more magical for you.


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