Connect: A Meditation Candle


Jasmine | Cedarwood | Tonka Bean

Intentionally crafted, vegan soy candle.

This candle has  been designed and curated to assist you in reaching the blissfully relaxed state needed for meditation. This candle works beautifully alongside the meditation crystal set.

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Connect: A Meditation Candle

Jasmine | Cedarwood | Tonka Bean

This candle has been designed to help you fully relax into a meditative state. To lift your energies to help you better connect with your insight, Higher self, Universal energy or any other high vibration energy.

The flame is symbolic in itself, of calling in light energy and of the state of enlightenment. The act of lighting the candle can function as an anchor to help you more readily enter a meditative state.

Jasmine: Jasmine helps you to ride the waves of your emotional tides. Its aroma can lull you into states of heightened spiritual awareness, bringing understanding to your conscious mind. It helps bring the desires and wishes of the Heart to light.

Cedarwood: Cedar supports your spiritual quest by exploring the mysteries of faith as you search for truth and meaning in your life.To ancient Sumerians, the Cedar forests were “Home of the Divine Ones”. Cedar reminds you to seek your truth by trusting your inner wisdom. 

Tonka Bean: This scent is well known in helping to intensify the focus of your intention, making it the perfect meditation companion. Tonka also holds a wonderful drawing power, helping draw what we want towards us, aiding in manifestation meditations.  


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