Alchemical Chocolate Session


These 1-2-1 sessions will enable you to tune into your inner compass, tap into your own well of power and uncover solutions to issues you may have been struggling with – all facilitated by the delicious medium of hot chocolate!

“Alchemy is defined as the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, sometimes in a way that cannot be explained.”

What does an Alchemical Chocolate session look like?

We’ll meet virtually (via Zoom / Skype) for your 2 hour bespoke, guided session, facilitated by cacao. There are two options: with cacao supplied or without, should you already have your own stash to dip into. The cacao I supply is always carefully and intentionally sourced with the planet and its inhabitants front of mind.

Ahead of your session, you will be sent a guide via email on what to expect and how to prepare, we’ll also discuss any particular issues you would like to focus on during your session.

This experience is tailored to your specific needs, but as a general structure you’ll be taken through:

Clearing space for yourself to practice self care | Crafting your own chocolate elixir | Intention setting and practising gratitude | Imbibing your brew | Embodiment | Powerful visualisation journeys | Grounding you into the present | Uncovering the path you truly desire to walk | Ways you can keep the cacao magic alive in your everyday life


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Who is an Alchemical Chocolate session for?

> Anyone that likes chocolate!

> If you’re looking for ways to connect to your intuition and break free from your chrysalis

> Interested in exploring rituals you can introduce to make your everyday extraordinary

Why is chocolate a powerful catalyst for our own alchemical journeys?

Firstly, cacao – which is chocolate in its purest form – has many consciousness altering molecules including; endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, anandamide (think Sanskrit “bliss”), phenylethylamine (the love chemical). Gently opening ourselves up to an altered state of consciousness in a safe space, is an important part of transforming ourselves.

Cacao offers us a deeper understanding of, and appreciation for, our interconnectedness with all things. Even the smallest, seemingly insignificant living things become important to us; even the humble midge plays its role as the only pollinator for this tree to bear its fruit.

There is a pervasive cycle dominant in our culture of deprivation / binge and many women particularly focus on chocolate as a “naughty” thing rather than a potent medicine – this needs to change!

Due to its sensual, erotic and stimulating nature, cacao has, at various points in history, has been withheld from women and outlawed as a “dangerous drug”. So deepening our relationship with cacao feels like a wonderful act of rebellion.

Cacao is, like each of us, the embodiment of both darkness and light, the sun and the moon, masculine and feminine. As such, it offers us a mirror to observe the parts of ourselves we don’t usually tap into.

Appointments are available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Once you’ve made your investment, you’ll receive an email with a pdf questionnaire document that also includes the link to book your appointment slot. When your appointment is confirmed you’ll receive your downloadable guide to help you prepare for your session.

Your cacao will be sent out ahead of your session if you have chosen that option (please allow 2 weeks for your cacao to reach you – the current climate is tricky with the postal service and I’m only doing 1 post office trip per week)

What your guide and Alchemical Chocolate Practitioner, Lea Tierney says about cacao:

Alchemical Chocolate has been an incredible facilitator for me on my own journey; I’ve been working with cacao as a plant medicine for a number of years now and am so excited to be able to share this with you. I’ve received such powerful messages from my intuition and been on a profound healing journey with a lot of support from cacao.

“Giving chocolate to others is an intimate form of communication, a sharing of deep, dark secrets”

Milton Zelman

I’m known amongst various groups as “the chocolate lady” thanks to having run a vegan chocolate business for a couple of years and strongly believe that the world would be a happier place if more people had a greater understanding of, and appreciation for, this powerful plant medicine. I loved making chocolate for other people but it always felt like something was missing and I’ve come to realise that my role is to empower others to connect with and use cacao themselves instead.

About your guide, Lea Tierney

I have been on a journey with cacao as a facilitator for at least the past 5 years. Funnily enough, when I was younger, chocolate was never a big thing for me but since discovering cacao in its purest form – I can’t get enough of it! I am a trained Nutritional Therapist, Indian Head Massage Therapist and a Master Herbalist in training. I have studied Alchemical Chocolate with Annu Tara and have run my own ethical chocolate business.

If you’d like, you can get to know me a little better here.

Who is an Alchemical Chocolate session NOT for?

Cacao is a wonderful and safe way to explore plant medicine but there are some circumstances in which it is not advisable for you:

> Cacao does not mix with some MAOs; there are certain types of anti-depressants that should not be used with cacao.

> It is not advisable to work with ceremonial cacao if you suffer from serious heart conditions. This is also the case if you have very low blood pressure as cacao is a vasodilator.

> If you are undergoing chemotherapy or suffering from a severe illness.

If you have any questions or concerns about whether an Alchemical Cacao session is right for you, right now, please do drop me a line.