Destiny does not become reality until you say ‘yes’ when she comes knocking.

Your home of empowerment.

Wild as the Moon sparked to life shortly after I realised how important it is for women like you and I to have a space to explore who we really want to be. ” – Gina

So many of us simply ‘get by’ or ‘get on with it’. But living this way can come at a huge cost to both our mental and physical health.

Wild is the Moon has been created as a dedicated space, to help you learn how to bravely stray from the path laid out for you. And instead embark on a journey, from self discovery to self-empowerment. Listen to your body, heal yourself and flourish.

It is time to put yourself first, rekindle your fire, and dig deep into your own power.

Women are magical
You are magical.
You feel it don’t you?

It’s time to discover your potential. Welcome to your new home of empowerment.

Sending Wild love your way, Gina

Your home of empowerment

One of the most powerful actions you can take towards empowerment is to gather in circle with your sisters. To lift each other up, to learn how to love ourselves fiercely and to honour our natural cycles. Join the Wild as the Moon tribe for your monthly invitation to sit in circle with us. Welcome to the family.

Hi, I’m Gina

” I took a giant step back from the life I had, and I finally said “no”.

It helped me figure out who I am, what I want and how strong I am.

I put myself first, I took a stark look in the mirror, I let go of a ton of shit and then I figured out what I actually want my life to look like. And I want to help you to do the same. “

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