Welcome to your digital sanctuary

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Come and join as we embark on a journey, from self discovery to self-empowerment. Together we can learn to listen to our bodies and heal ourselves, in order to truly thrive.

One of the most magical things we can do for ourselves is reach out to like-minded people who can help lift us and support us along the journey.

It is time for us to put ourselves first, rekindle our fires, and dig deep into our own power.

Women are magical
You are magical.
You feel it don’t you?

It’s time to discover your potential. Welcome to your new home of empowerment.

A small group of us will be gathering online for the first New Moon of Spring. The New Moon is the perfect time to set ourselves intentions and with all the building energy of Spring at our fingertips it’s set to be pretty powerful. You then get a daily dose of magic to your inbox as we work through the entire Lunar cycle together, meeting again for closing circle at the May New Moon to celebrate all we have learned.

Zoom workshop by Gina and Leyla
Second date coming soon!

Crystals are a wonderfully healing tool that anyone can learn to work with. They help us connect to each of our energy centres (also known as Chakras) so that we can unblock, restore and activate different energies within ourselves for healing. 

The Full Moon helps bring these energies to the surface, making it a particularly powerful day to look inward and learn how to feel into where healing work needs to be done. 

I will help you learn how to connect with your new crystals and then harness their energies to help you better connect with yourself.
​Once you have become acquainted with your new crystal and have an understanding of how and when to use them Leyla from House of Leyla will help us connect with our bodies through movement.

As we move through different asanas (yoga poses) we will draw our attention to each Chakra and use our yoga practice to create space and channel universal energy into each Chakra, clearing and balancing.

We’ll finish with a divine Chakra meditation that will connect you even deeper with these energy centres and help you work through/process emotional blocks that may be present.

Digital Event Full Circle

Every month I host either a Full Moon or New Moon circle for women, completely free of charge. And you are welcome to join as many or as few as you like. It’s important to have a safe space where we can connect to our sisters and share in the beautifully healing energy of the Moon. I send the Zoom link to all subscribers every month so if you’d like to join the next one, just add your name to the list below.

What others are saying about the events:

” Thank you so much Gina, I cannot describe how peaceful I felt. It’s been a very long time since I’ve felt so happy. It was bizzare, but like a good bizzare!”

” Hi Gina. That was beautiful again tonight, and I am so grateful to be a part of this special circle… I am so looking forward to this months work with you and continuing to work on myself. Thank you again for an amazing evening”

” Thank you so much for this evening Gina it was beautiful to share this space with everyone, and thank you for making it so full of love and support”

Feel free to contact me with any questions about any of the events. Or find me on Instagram – @wild_as_the_moon / @geminimooncrystals