You are not “too much”, you are fucking powerful

Wild as the Moon began when two weird star sisters had some seriously deep conversations over cacao about what seems to be missing from the world. Our mission is to create a safe space for women who feel ‘too much’ to come together and share in their muchness. To hold each other’s hands, cry through it together, grow and fly together. 

Our collective well of resilience and secret power has been bubbling up to share with the world. We’re here to help more women realise their own gifts and employ intentional tools to cope with the crazy crap we have flung at us.

This is a digital sanctuary for kindred spirits to share their treasure chests of coping with this weird old world we live in. Cacao, crystals, tarot, astrology, oracle cards, herbalism, folklore, women’s circles and conscious living – DRINK THIS SHIT IN. 

Through learning how to connect with spirit, source energy, mother nature; whichever words feel right for you, we can learn to listen to ourselves and achieve our soul purpose in life. A community of women, helping each other learn, grow and achieve is a beautiful thing.

If the cracks are beginning to show in your life and you lack the support and tools needed to cope with the strains in a healthy way, you’ve come to the right place.

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For years I pushed down my feminine qualities and focused entirely on the masculine energies in me. Especially as a business woman, I felt I needed to work in a certain way to be deemed successful, worthy, capable or to be taken seriously.

It left me unbalanced, in physical pain, emotionally unstable and a complete nervous wreck. Why? Because I wasn’t listening to my body, my instincts or my basic needs. It’s so easy to overlook or dismiss our feminine qualities as weaknesses but we are powerful creatures if we allow ourselves to flow.

When I look back at who I was and the life I was living even just two years ago, I almost don’t recognise myself. I look back at that girl now and I feel deeply sorry for her. But, I have to say, rock bottom was the most transformative place I have ever been.

Sure, it was terrifying and lonely and painful but the universe has a way of not-so-gently nudging our life to the path we are supposed to be on when the one we have chosen to live is not right for us.

I hit rock bottom and I clawed my way back up. Now I know who I am, what I want and how strong I am.

Connecting with women who actually understood me, who were going through similar experiences and feeling the same feelings, was a game changer for me. I realised more of us need this kind of support.


As a highly sensitive person I often believed I felt the world in quite a different way to most of the people around me. It turns out, like many of us, it was only because I was raised to follow safe paths, seek security and generally remain the “pretty blonde, little lady” that people wanted me to be, rather than being myself. 

Shrugging this stuff off and unpeeling the layers of your identity can be a painful and long process. Coming to a place of seeing yourself as someone worthy of love working your shit out requires a jam packed box of tools.

5 years ago a major shift began for me. I was ticking so many of the expectation boxes for someone my age and I had no idea that I was still unconsciously being driven by these; a rude awakening was upon me and many things had to give.  

Finally, with no other option, I strayed from the path and got to work – on myself.

The leap into the unknown was only possible for a raised-to-be-a “play it safe girl” like me because I finally had the right support in place. I’d started attracting kindred spirits who were only too happy to share their treasure chests of coping with this weird old world we live in, with me. 

I’ve begun healing and am learning to live in tune with my own nature.

You can too.

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