Excerpt 5: Listening to my intuition

I’m learning more and more how to embrace what feels good in the moment rather than doing things because I feel like I have to. I am learning more and more how to listen to my body and hear her ‘yes’ and her ‘no’. I have noticed a lot of resistance around alcohol recently specifically.

As I drink it I can feel my body saying ‘no’ and I now don’t often have more than one, especially indoors. If I do go for another, I don’t often finish my second or I really struggle to finish it and I wake up the next day not feeling good at all. Just foggy and sad and heavy. I did this with coffee a while ago, I was drinking two a day but often the second coffee was a body ‘no’ but I’d drink it anyway because I wanted the boost and then I felt anxious for the rest of the day and was totally unproductive.

I have now stopped having my second cup now and I feel much better for it. Some mornings it is a ‘no’ some mornings it is a ‘yes’ but I always ask my body before I go ahead and automatically drink it. I can feel that learning to listen to the small yes/no will help me to embrace my intuition more and more as I move forward and can see that I can absolutely trust my body reactions rather than my mind reactions. 

I’ve been doing it the past few weeks with rest or work. And when my body says ‘rest’ I do. I have been just as productive because I am more alert and in the zone when I do work, and I have noticed my general level of headaches have massively reduced. I have known for a long time that headaches are my body’s way of getting to me stop and rest, they physically force me to. By listening to the little nudges, my body has not been having to scream at me to stop in the form of awful headaches. It seems so clear now that I have actually started to listen to myself. 

Healing is not linear. It is messy and complex. Here I share excerpts from my journaling practices to help you see what it can really look like. I hope it helps you to heal too – Gina x

wild as the moon

Remember, you are a powerful, badass woman with so much love and wisdom to share. This is Wild as the Moon, here for you. Gina x

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