Excerpt 2: Self love ritual

I love that I am inconsistent. I never know which aspect of me is going to show herself and that’s exciting! It means that I see new parts of myself and new depths of myself all of the time. It means that I open myself to different things and experience the same things but in different ways all of the time. My inconsistency brings me deeper richness to my life.

I love my stubbornness. I’m not stubborn in a way that means I cannot see others’ perspectives or opinions or even change my own opinion or beliefs, (I do this often) but I am stubborn with my expectations and boundaries. I’m stubborn with my ethics and I think this makes me strong and clear, without being hard headed or narrow minded.

I love my inner storm. I love how peaceful and tranquil I can be and how creative and energetic I can become, how enraged and moving and chaotic I can be and then how I can still all of the noise and always find my peace again. It brings so many beautiful aspects of me to my surface so that I can experience and live through them all, experiencing my world and the people in it so differently every time.

I love my laugh. It is full and careless and tumbles out of me, weightless and uncaring. I laugh loudly, I laugh fully, I laugh with my whole body.

I love that I feel so deeply. I never used to love this about myself. It’s difficult to feel so deeply, when everything is so raw; especially when you are not taught how to process or handle those emotions. But it means I get to feel all of the good stuff so much more as well. All of the love, all of the joy, all of the excitement for the little things, all the pride when things go well and admiration when things touch my soul. The rest can be settled with boundaries and self care. But wow it’s wonderful to feel so alive!

Healing is not linear. It is messy and complex. Here I share excerpts from my journaling practices to help you see what it can really look like. I hope it helps you to heal too – Gina x

wild as the moon

Remember, you are a powerful, badass woman with so much love and wisdom to share. This is Wild as the Moon, here for you. Gina x

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