Moon magic. Why is working with the lunar cycle so powerful?

Moon magic. Why is working with the lunar cycle so powerful?

Flowing with the energies of the Moon comes so naturally to women and often we find that we instinctively follow her energy without even realising. Many of us choose to start new projects and create new intentions around the New Moon. And I guarantee you experience heightened emotions and creativity around the time of the Full Moon.

So imagine just how empowering it could be to consciously flow with this Moon magic energy?

This natural relationship we experience with the Moon is sadly often not something we are taught through our lifetime. It is often something we end up stumbling across in the search for something to help us because we are struggling.

As a general, as a society and as individuals we are expected to live in a very linear way.

We treat every day like it’s the same and society as a whole expects the same from us every day.
We can see this most clearly in the 9 to 5 lifestyle. Whether that’s literally 9 to 5 or not, society still expects to be ‘on’ five days a week. And then we can take two days to rest.

This expectation to perform the same every day falls on us no matter the season, no matter the light levels outside, no matter the weather. No matter your mood or mindset that day, or what your general health levels are.

Hands up, who here has experienced this kind of lifestyle and found it completely draining?

I have too. It almost broke me.

Because women are not supposed to live in this way. Well, men are not either but women especially are built so much more for a cyclical lifestyle. We are cyclical beings at our very core.

In our own bodies we can see this as our menstrual cycle, but even if you do not have a regular period or you are post menopause, or don’t have a physical womb, this cycle is still a part of you. It’s who you are energetically. It’s a core part of your very being and your feminine energy and what makes you so connected.

The Moon symbolises the Divine Feminine; she embodies so much of our energy and we embody so much of hers.

As women, we follow a very similar cycle to the Moon cycle, which is why working with Moon magic can teach us so much about ourselves. And gives us such a wonderfully predictive and permanent point to hold our focus on during the more difficult times in our life.

For example, the New Moon phase has a very similar energy to that of the Ovulation phase of our cycle. And the Full Moon phase has a very similar energy to that of Menstruation. But remember, no matter what is going on with your physical body, what stage you are at in your cycle, whether you have a physical cycle or womb, your energetic and spiritual body is intensely linked with the cyclical energy of the Moon.

So when we can learn to let go of that linear way of thinking and living and instead lean into what our bodies are telling us, what our energy is telling us, we can learn to listen to what our body and spirit need the most on any given day.

When we get into our flow, everything becomes so much more comfortable and aligned.

The Moon can teach us so much about ourselves.

Just as the Moon waxes and wanes, so do we. Our energy flows in cycles just like hers.

Just as the seasons flow in their cycle,

And as day cycles with night.

Everything about nature, everything about being human is cyclical.

So imagine if you honoured that and learned how to listen so that you could rest when your body says ‘stop’. And if you cried when your body says ‘let go’. Imagine how much more energy you’d then have for the times when you body says ‘create’, ‘do’, ‘move’.

Learning to listen to the Moon, and harness moon magic can help you learn to listen to your own body too.

If you’re ready to start learning how to get into your flow, come and join me and a few other Wild Moon women for ‘The Spring Awakening’.

We are working together through an entire Lunar cycle to help you learn how to harness her different energies throughout the Moon month. We begin on the first official New Moon of Spring – the 12th April and continue to journey together until the next New Moon on the 11th May.

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Remember, you are a powerful, badass woman with so much love and wisdom to share. This is Wild as the Moon, here for you. Gina x

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