Womens Circles and their magic

Womens Circles and their magic

There is a lot of magic to be felt through women’s circles. Personally speaking, my main reason for setting up Wild As The Moon was to help bring women together. I believe gathering in circle is one of the most special ways to do this. (At the moment this is possible digitally but I hope to extend the offering to in-person circles at some point down the line too.)

I want to help women gather who want to learn how to empower themselves.
To learn how to heal themselves.
Who want to break the mould and follow what their hearts are saying.
And want to explore new ways of processing their emotions.
Who want to celebrate their femininity, their cycles, their bodies, their connection to nature and so much more.

I really do believe that women have a special connection to source energy and mother nature and to learn how to tap into all of our natural magic can be such a transformative process for us.

A process that we can keep following and flowing with for a lifetime. Plus It’s a process that we can share with other women to help them nurture themselves too.

To be able to provide a space each month for you all is a privilege in itself, the fact that many of you are showing up for yourselves each time is incredibly powerful. I am just honoured that you trust me to hold this space for you all.

I want to talk to you about the tradition of womens circles and why I think it is such an important tradition to uphold and immerse ourselves in.

Women have been coming together for circle for an immeasurable amount of time. Long before modern humanity. There is evidence to suggest that these gatherings have been happening as far back as 300,000 years.

Circles were traditionally held by medicine women who would facilitate the circle. They’d keep the energy flowing and the enthusiasm strong but also shared teachings to those who gathered.

These medicine women were the most educated in the tribe or village. As we progressed through time, they were usually quite literate and well read. So their community looked up to them for guidance on all matters of life and not only to lead their spiritual ceremonies. They were there to advise on relationships, fertility, healthcare, gardening, herbal remedies, the stars, the seasons and so much more.

But tragically, respect and adoration for these women entirely changed. A series of events such as the 1484 publication called ‘The Hammer of Witches’ only served to spark and build the systematic destruction of womens spiritual practices and healthcare.

They did this by killing women healers and women spiritual leaders – over 80% of people killed were women over 40. The women who held all of the knowledge. This oppression lasted for 500 years and spread to every corner of the Earth. It was horrendous.

In more recent history women have begun to find ways to come together in groups that are more acceptable in society such as tea parties, knitting clubs, and mum-and-baby groups, the WI etc.

There is a deep call within us to connect to our sisters. But this fear of owning our femininity and gathering in groups has been instilled in us, carried through to us from our ancestors. It is not until very recently that women in the West have begun reconnecting with the true power of womens circles.

These circles are not only a way to connect and learn and to heal ourselves. They are also an incredibly powerful way to step back into so much of the power that we lost throughout that barbaric period of our history. It’s an opportunity to stamp out a fear which many of us hold, passed to us from our ancestors.

One of the most feminist acts that we can carry out is to gather in womens circles like this, and lift each other up, love ourselves fiercely and honour our natural cycles.

I believe meeting for circle, in tune with the Moon is particularly powerful. Women ebb and flow just like the tides. The Moon affects water and we are 60% water, but our brains and hearts are 73% water. We feel that waxing and waning of the Moon at our very core.

We are cyclical beings experiencing nature’s cycle of seasons within our own bodies. Not only through the Moon energy but through our menstrual cycle too.

But in a world that values productivity above all, it can be so easy to forget our cyclical nature and push ourselves beyond our limits.
Even an hour with a circle of women can plug us back in, and help us harness our energy and creativity when it is at its height. As well as helping us to remember to stop when it’s time to rest and renew.

Women in particular have come together during certain lunar and menstrual cycles throughout the month or for special events in the year.

And although womens circles are an ancient practice the West has forgotten for such a long time, tribes and groups all over the world still participate in sharing circle. These circles include both ceremony and ritual, as well as creating a safe space for women of all ages. Allowing women to witness the Divine Feminine within themselves and around themselves.

It is a powerful force when women come together to support, embrace, and inspire each other as we move through life’s cycles and our own cycles too.

Gathering in circle is incredibly simplistic yet incredibly powerful. A group of women coming together and connecting and sharing can create something really special.

Now more than ever it’s difficult to know where or how to begin to build the kind of bonds our hearts and minds really need. But with groups like this we can hold space for each other even digitally like this.

I hope Wild as the Moon circles will in time become a foundation for you to keep coming back to. To keep reconnecting with each other and with your own inner voice. Helping us all to grow as individuals as well as a group.

P.S The next moon month group is beginning on the 12th of April. Find out more here.

wild as the moon

Remember, you are a powerful, badass woman with so much love and wisdom to share. This is Wild as the Moon, here for you. Gina x

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