Reclaiming the word Witch

Reclaiming the word Witch

To begin reclaiming the word ‘Witch’, it is important to first know the history of the word. And why, over time it has been downgraded from a term that once held women in high esteem for their feminine powers, to a term which demonised and stigmatised women who dared rely on their own innate wisdom and connection with nature.

The History of the Witch

A Witch was always just ones of many terms used to describe a wise woman; a woman who understood the energies and interconnection of everything around her. Including how to use natures gifts to treat illness, aches and pains.

A Witch was someone who was respected as a knowledgeable woman who others went to for spiritual guidance and practical help. Witches (or wise women) were looked up to.

But in time, the Witch has become a spectacle of ugly warts and evil intentions. You have likely come across depictions of the evil, old lady who lives alone. Or the a group of mean old ladies who resemble more of a cult ans casts spells on those who dare to cross them. (Usually the only other time we see Witches in modern day, they have been objectified and sexualised- sigh!)

The evil old lady image stems from the 17th Century Witch hunts where years of hunting and murdering of specifically women reached it’s peak. When it boils down (excuse the Witchy pun) this hunting only happened because the men who controlled the country did not want women to be able to look after themselves.

They were scared of our feminine power, and we needed to know our place. So they tried their hardest to control us through fear of death, torture and exile.

” No words from on high could make people less scared of witches. Everyone knew that the accusations might be malicious and that symptoms were easily faked; yet personal experiences of bewitchment were quite different… Almost all the suspicions that lay behind the witchcraft accusations of March 1645 originated in Sir Harbottle Grimstone’s jurisdiction, mostly on his estates…. It also indicated the savage effectiveness of his torture. The suspected woman had woken up unaware of what she had confessed. “

Witchfinders- A seventeenth-Century English Tragedy. Malcolm Gaskill.

What is a Witch today?

Disney, Hollywood, Salem and countless other influences also all have a lot to answer for. As do many modern practitioners who have shrouded Witchcraft in mystery, creating a feeling of unattainability to the practising of ‘magic’. The reality is there really is a Witch within all of us. Every single woman (yes, including you) has the wisdom and knowledge of the Witch waiting to be tapped into.

Whether you wish to use the term ‘Witch’ or not, is absolutely your call. There are many other terms you can use – Divine feminine, wise woman, healer, medicine woman or simply just ‘woman’.

There are many ways of defining what a Witch is; according to various practices or dogmas, but we don’t enjoy doctrine here at Wild As The Moon and we believe you should have your own definition of what a Witch is. We also don’t believe that you necessarily have to be part of a ‘coven’/ community/Sisterhood. Though it can be incredibly powerful to share experiences with a chosen sisterhood. (Our own will be coming soon, join this waitlist to be first to hear about it.)

This explanation of a Witch demonstrates how broad “Witch” actually is – with not a stripey stocking, pointy hat or wart in sight:

The reality of what it means to be a witch today carries many traditions of the Pagan religion; something which was previously thought to be tied to the devil or satanic rituals. Modern day witchcraft often includes the lighting of candles, meditation, yoga, incense, the smudging of sage, crystals, dream analysis, and other rituals connected to Pagan roots.

However, witchcraft is simply about using the power of the universe and the mind to attract wants and desires. It’s about being in tune with Earth’s natural resources and using them to mystically quench a spiritual thirst.

Reclaiming the word ‘Witch’

We live in bizarre and trying times. We’re seeing a breakdown in community and widespread feelings of powerlessness. Implementing a personal Witchy practice or gatherings with similar souls to share wisdom are powerful ways of combatting that disconnect and reclaiming our power as individuals.

Exploring what being a Witch means to you personally and how your life might be altered by adopting a practice of your own may well lead to revelations; from ancestral connections to hidden talents, reclaiming your own Witch-hood could be the most powerful thing you can do.

Reclaiming the word Witch

What does it mean to be a Witch in modern society?

It’s a subtle revolution. Wild / wise / visionary women are stepping into their power and stirring the collective cauldron. Calling yourself a Witch in our society won’t get you burned at the stake – although it may get you some hard core eye rolls. And that’s a great privilege when we know that across the world, humans are still suffering because of the misunderstanding/fear of what a Witch is.

Here at Wild as the Moon, we believe that ALL women are Witches (or whatever term feels right for you). It is simply about connecting with your own intuition, your own connection with nature and your divine feminine energy.

How many times have you heard something similar to “women just know these things”? It’s because we do. We know a lot more than we realise. Woman are powerful, and so are you. It’s time to start reclaiming the word Witch, a word that has been used to vilify us, insult us, hold us back and quieten our voices. It’s time for us to be powerful again, to take back what once held us down.

In the words of Lisa Lister “It is your birthright as a woman”.

We know you are already keen to start reclaiming your honest and unafraid power as a woman/Witch. That’s why we’re gifting you a beautiful 15 page guide, “Creating your own sanctuary space” – so you can crack on with making magic in your daily life, wherever you are.

With this guide you’ll discover:

  • What a sanctuary space means to YOU
  • How your life can be more magical with your own sanctuary space
  • What’s worth your energy
  • What YOU want to include within your space for more magic
  • How to look after your sanctuary space
Reclaiming the word witch by creating your own sanctuary space

wild as the moon

Remember, you are a powerful, badass woman with so much love and wisdom to share. This is Wild as the Moon, here for you. Gina x

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