How to have a better period

How to have a better period

If you haven’t already read my post about menstrual cycle tracking, now would be a good time to hop on over and check it out. The truth is that getting intimately familiar with your own rhythm will make all the difference when it comes to your period but there are lots of other things you can do, to have a better period too.

Cyclic tracking is about so much more than just your bleed.

It’s about all four stages of your cycle and learning how to best look after yourself during each stage. Just being able to have your menstrual care kit at the ready and knowing when to plan all important down time for yourself, will make your bleed much gentler.

Plus, if you are doing any work such as using cycling herbs, knowing which stage of your cycle you are at will help you to nurture your entire cycle more holistically. But for advice on how to have a better period, read on below.

Consider your products carefully

When you give it any kind of thought (or spend hours researching, like I have), you’ll realise how gross traditional menstrual care products are.

If you haven’t gone down this rabbit hole yet, you may find this article useful. Ditching toxic, chemical laden products for your precious puss’ is a great start.

Regular tampons are full of harsh chemicals and the companies don’t have any obligation to disclose what’s in them. Despite our skin absorbing those toxins the entire time we are in contact with them. This is the reason we have warnings of Toxic Shock Syndrome on conventional sanitary ware.

But there are some good organic options readily available now.

You may also be concerned with the environmental impact of menstrual care products. In which case, reusable options are the next step. I’ve tried and loved menstrual cups, which may the right option for you.

I remember when menstrual cups starting becoming a thing and my initial reaction to them was “eww gross”. But I soon started to learn that the only gross thing was my attitude combined with what I was already doing to my body- using chemical laden tampons inside of my body and holding an outdated notion that periods are something which are smelly and dirty.

Once I decided to take the leap and try a menstrual cup, my whole relationship with my bleed days changed.

Now that I no longer stuff my vagina with toxic chemicals month after month, I have noticed some incredible changes. My periods have become shorter and lighter – three days every time.

I rarely suffer from any cramping or pain either. Which is incredibly concerning when I think about what chemical tampons must have been doing to my body all of those years. And what they still do to so many other people’s bodies.

However, you may find a cup isn’t right for you. In which case, there are washable pads and period pants. Something I use fairly often as well.
Check out these ones by WUKA. They are insanely comfy, so far from my person experience they appear to be leak proof and offer total peace of mind.

Don’t discount the use of conventional remedies to have a better period

Leaning into woo during your healing journey, might tempt you to shun pharmaceuticals. Having been left an emotional wreck thanks to ‘The Pill’, I know first hand how it can be difficult to trust that sometimes the good outweighs the bad when it comes to pharma products.

The truth though, is that by allowing pain to ravage you, rather than allow yourself the occasional use of pain killers, you get far less of the quality rest that you need. Conscious use of over the counter drugs can be essential..

Build your own menstrual care kit

Some of the things in my menstrual care kit that you may find useful in taking a more natural approach to menstruation are:

  • CBD oil or balm – there’s plenty of research and advocates for CBD as being helpful in pain relief. Make sure to do your own research before adding something new into your kit though. I now take CBD every day and I sleep so much better every night.
  • Herbal tinctures – again, you should do your own research/consult a practitioner before dabbling with herbs but these can be really helpful for a variety for reasons.
    For example I use Tee Tree in my baths during her bleed days for two reasons. Firstly it’s wonderful for balancing your pH naturally, which prevents issues like recurring thrush. Secondly- period sweats. It’s great for a complete body refresh!
  • WUKA wearable hot water bottle – this is a GAME CHANGER. And could bring much more comfort and ease on the toughest days.
  • Ginger capsules – ginger and turmeric are both anti inflammatory. And studies have shown that they can help with pain too.
  • Dong Quai – Used in China, Korea and Japan for over 1000 years, this plants root is also known as the female ginseng. I take a Dong Quai supplement daily, as it has a balancing affect on female hormones.
  • Epsom bath salts – for total bath relaxation. If you can’t sit in a salty bath, magnesium (which is highly present in Epsom salts) spray can be a great alternative. Magnesium helps with relaxation and can aid in pain relief.
  • Good quality chocolate – we don’t mean supermarket bought chocolate of course. We mean the likes of ceremonial cacao which is packed full of nutrients that help with both the physical and psychological symptoms of menstruation.
  • Comfy clothing that you feel good in – yoga leggings and sweatpants and onsies. Whatever you feel good in, go for it.

Using crystals alongside your journey to have a better period

If you find the energy of crystals a powerful tool, there are some wonderful options which you can use alongside your cycle to help ease unwanted symptoms.

Moonstone – Any type of moonstone will be perfect to use at all stages of your menstrual cycle. The moon herself is closely linked to our menstrual cycles and this stone helps us to flow with that same cyclic nature, bringing about a calming affect.

Carnelian – An effective stone for all female reproductive issues including regulating menstrual flow, easing period cramps and calming your mood.

Citrine – Beneficial for PMS, balancing out hormones and alleviating fatigue.

Amethyst – Relieves tension and headaches, reduces bloating and helps to regulate your cycle. You can place amethyst by your bedside, under your pillow or place directly on an area of physical pain to soothe your energy and help with sleep.

Working to maintain a healthy Sacral Chakra will also help regulate and ease your cycle.

As a rule, any orange coloured crystals will match the energy of your Sacral Chakra which is an energy centre located within your womb space. Maintaining a healthy flow of energy within your Sacral Chakra will help bring balance and ease to your whole cycle.

You can place the chosen crystals on your womb space, bathe with them or meditate with them. To intensify the energies of your chosen crystals, a Sacral Chakra Crystal Grid could be perfect for you.

Have you dipped your toes into caring for yourself more holistically during menstruation? Talk to me about your experience in the comments below 👇

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