Wingardium leviosa your life – how herbal smoke can lift your vibes

Wingardium leviosa your life – how herbal smoke can lift your vibes

As purveyors of herbal smoke wands and lovers of this powerful intentional tool; we thought it was high time we shared the magic of herbal smoke with you. Are you ready for some alchemical goodness?

With so many people claiming that essential oils “changed their life” these days, you might already be familiar with the power of smells/plants. And also somewhat skeptical of anyone touting the healing power of plants. We completely get that skepticism. But you may also be feeling a natural tug of curiosity – “can herbal smoke support the healing journey I’m on?”. So let’s dive into how herbal smoke can lift your vibes.

The power of herbal smoke

Herbal smoke or the intentional burning of selected herbs is intensely powerful – shifting your own and your space’s energy. Locally and intentionally sourced herbs, tied with natural twine, form an aromatic “wand” to clear your space and prepare you for a dream/meditative/ritual state. Or help you embody your chosen energy.

Connecting with the natural world that we are a part of is so essential to a calmer state of mind. Learning about and burning special herbs is one way of doing this.

There are a couple of reasons Wild as the Moon herbal smoke tools are referred to as “wands” and all have a spell reference attached to them. And these are all related to the power of herbal smoke:

  1. Herbs are a HUGE part of magic making and every witch deserves a powerful wand. Also herbal smoke is beautifully meditative with mystically charged tendrils of billowing smoke unfurling around your space.
  2. BIG fans of Harry Potter over here. Any excuse to sprinkle some references in, really! This one is all swish though, no flicking those ashes around.
  3. “Sticks” didn’t feel like an accurate representation of what these beauties do. And “smudge”, which you may be more familiar with, is something else entirely (more on that below).

You might be wondering “can you get high off these?!”. Yes, the herbs in Wild as the Moon wands are powerful, but they’re not for that kind of lifting…It’s not smoking in the sense that you might be used to. This form of aromatic smoke is more about your external world.

Invoking ancestral wisdom

From all the accounts we’ve found, herbs have been burned as herbal smoke for healing or ritual for a VERY long time. In fact, (according to Lea’s Master Herbalist Diploma studies), there’s evidence to suggest that our ancestors have been using medicinal plants at least as far back as 60,000 years ago. And given their amazing knowledge of the plants around them (for which we are supremely grateful today), it’s highly likely that many of these ancestors would also have been transforming these medicinal plants into aromatic smoke. 

[We just read this awesome blog post by A Wild New Work and it resonates so strongly with us AND chimes in with our new wands launching!]

In using local herbs, not only do we ensure provenance and reduce our impact, we also form a closer connection with the plants we use. And our ancestors (being English/Irish/Welsh/Romany descended between us). There’s a reason local honey is recommended for hayfever and we reckon a similar theory should apply when using herbs. Because our natural, local environment has everything we need to heal.

Now, as we’re talking about ancient wisdom.

It’s probably the right moment to mention that there’s a need to be conscious and do your own research when it comes to spiritual practices. And this comes back to something mentioned earlier; why “smudge” is inappropriate for our offerings.

“Smudge stick” or “smudging” is a term bandied about a fair amount on social media and anything being widely promoted deserves more digging. So, from our own research it seems the term smudge stick or smudging, refers to a specific Indigenous American sacred smoke ceremony.

There is so much to be learned from cultural traditions on a global scale but we must do so in an intentional way. It’s always important to consider where the practice you are looking to integrate comes from and what it means. 

Burning herbs to create scented smoke is a practice that seems to be indigenous globally.

Herbal smoke is incredibly accessible as far as woo/rituals go

You can make smoke cleansing a part of your morning routine, part of your meditation practice, whenever you feel anxious or negative etc. Also it can be a great way to energetically cleanse your home after you have been entertaining guests. 

Simply light your wand (like an incense stick) and pass the smoke gently over each and every part of your body. If there is a certain area of your body which feels more tense or heavy, you can concentrate on this area for longer. Don’t forget the soles of your feet! Open a window at the end of your session and gaze on as the smoke carries away any lingering negative energy.

Feeling stressed, anxious, irritated, lethargic or impatient? It might well be time for you to shift your energy with herbal smoke.

Some of the herbs we work with and their energies include:  

Cedar – clears lingering negative energies. 

Birch – protection from psychic attacks, clearing negative energy.

Pine – grounding, cleansing, helps bring forgiveness .

Eucalyptus – removes negative energies and creates a temporary barrier. For protection, relieving mental exhaustion, healing emotional wounds.

Tansy – the Latin name for this plant translates to immortal or immortality. Frequently found in rituals around death rites and ancestral reverence. Also considered to be a feminine herb.

Mugwort – deemed to be feminine in nature, associated with the element of earth and the Moon. Also may enhance astral projection, lucid dreaming and other altered states of consciousness.

Rosemary – an evergreen plant, considered masculine in energy. Also translates from Latin to “dew of the sea” and commonly associated with memory.

Lavender – calming and well known to support a restful sleep.

Yarrow – used to support divination and protection during astral projection.

 Herbal Smoke Wand image

Lea has intuitively crafted 2 new limited edition herbal smoke wand blends.

Dreamer – the ideal companion to any dream or journeying work you are doing.

Immortal – created with your All Hallows rituals in mind, the ideal companion to any ancestral work you are doing.

Plus, you can invoke the energy of the trees, even as they begin their transition into slumber, with the Into the Woods wand.

Have a rummage in the magic box and grab yourself some intentional tools for your practice.