Aren’t Tarot cards just a load of rubbish?

Aren’t Tarot cards just a load of rubbish?

Have you ever expressed an interest in Tarot cards and been met with an eye roll or “are you fucking serious?” facial expression – you are not alone!

“Aren’t Tarot cards just a load of rubbish?”

Whilst *most* people I come across don’t directly express this sentiment, I know the question is subtly running under many conversations I drop Tarot into. So I thought I’d take the opportunity to address this and share why a Tarot reading could be the most useful tool you could harness right now.

Why Tarot is one of my go-to tools

The look that often appears when I tells people I ditched my job to read Tarot cards for women ‘waking up to the call’ is one of bafflement. But the truth is that helping women take control of their own power and steer their own life is what’s at the heart of my love of sharing of Tarot.

This is a calling far more fulfilling than any regular job.

Tarot really is a wonderful tool. It helps us connect to and realise our own needs, whilst also helping us reach out to others in a healthy way.

In time I have learned to embrace my witchy muchness. I am proud of the connection I have found through the medium of Tarot and I am humbled by the trust those who reach out for guidance on their journey.

Why Tarot is far from being a load of rubbish

Aren't Tarot cards just a load of rubbish?

1. Tarot is a powerful tool that is just as relevant today as it was when it first became popular.

Where Tarot  actually originates is up for debate. What is known is that it started somewhere around the 12/1300’s and became more mainstream in the 1800’s.

It takes time, practice and patience to really understand the complexity of Tarot cards. Every Tarot deck, no matter the imagery or symbolism used on them, consists of 78 cards. Within the deck there are Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.

The Major cards I thinks of as destiny cards. These are the major life themes and I read them as predestined fate.

The Minor Arcana cards give you context and direction and I read those as the options and choices which you can make in any current situation. Or the energies available to harness to help you through a particular point.

2. Tarot allows us to ‘speak’ to spirit/ the Universe / source energy and receive the messages we need to hear.

The cards are mystically symbolic, but they are not in themselves a means to divination. The Universe is energy, everything is energy and the cards allow us to communicate via that energy. 

Tarot is often used as a tool to predict the future, but the future is completely subject to change depending on your choices. You alone, carve your own destiny; destiny does not become reality unless you choose to say yes or no when lessons and opportunities come knocking. Wild as the Moon Tarot Readings help highlight how you feel about certain situations, why you are going through certain experiences and to open your heart and mind to hidden options out there for you

3. It helps us reconnect with dormant energies within ourselves

I have been curious about Tarot, other worldly energies and the possibility of magic since as far back as I can remember. Despite it not being a concept I have grown up with or been taught to believe; even as a child I was always drawn to imagery of Tarot readers and crystal balls, palm reading and spells. And anything else a little bit magical.

Later on in life I found out that I actually come from a Romany Gypsy bloodline and I believe a lot of this magic has re-emerged in me, two generations later. I am fiercely passionate about empowering other women to take control of their destiny and guiding others to find the tools they need to walk the path they truly desire to walk.

As long as I know your name I can connect with your energy through the help of my spirit guides. I often physically feel the emotions that you are feeling when I ask to connect and phrases and words will pop into my mind as guidance, as well as the messages from the cards.

What some of your Wild sisters have to say about Tarot Readings with me:

“Without you and your amazing abilities…I don’t think I would have got here. I find comfort in the readings and purpose too…That powers beyond my comprehension are helping me. I’m hooked and look forward to more guidance from you.” – Natalie

“Gina that was amazing! It’s so weird how you mentioned taking on the emotions of the world it’s been getting me so down… This really helped as always and it’s great having it out in front of me in an email like that so I can go back as a reminder.” – Sam

“Wow! Gina this is spot on. I can totally relate to all of this. Thank you it all makes so much sense to me and I know what I need to do. Thank you so much” – Helen

In short, rather than being a bunch of nonsense, Tarot can be a powerful tool in taking control of your own future and tapping into dormant energies. Are you ready to dive into the wisdom the Universe is waiting to share with you? Book your Tarot reading

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Remember, you are a powerful, badass woman with so much love and wisdom to share. This is Wild as the Moon, here for you. Gina x

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