Between a rock and a hard place: being “too much” and “not enough”

Between a rock and a hard place: being “too much” and “not enough”

Ever found yourself tied up in knots over the insane contradiction of either being too much or not enough, regardless of what you do?

After reaching out and talking more openly to other women about our deepest, darkest moments, it’s become all too clear. Many of us have become a tangled in this insidious web of contradiction. Being too much and not enough.

Our shared experience of this web is summed up pretty much as follows:

For as long as I can remember I have feared that I am not enough. As a child I wasn’t intelligent enough, then as a teen I also wasn’t pretty enough or skinny enough or sexy enough. As a young adult I added not being fun enough to the list. Yup, one of my most crippling insecurities as an adult is that I am boring.

I have struggled with this for years, worrying that I’m not funny enough, witty enough, confident enough, clever enough. That I am plain looking and not adventurous enough in spirit or bold enough in bed. That my mind isn’t stimulating enough, my work isn’t creative enough and my body isn’t attractive enough…. The list goes on.

Then, it comes to showing up online or running a business or starting new relationships. Despite all those fears of not being funny/stimulating/bold enough, I dim my light. Because I fear someone will actually be turned off by me showing up as my full self.

To boldly claim my sexuality, to shout about my adventures and future plans, to be outspoken about views I hold that others might deem controversial…yup, you guessed it. Too much.

Too outspoken, too easy, too strong willed, too opinionated, too provocative, too masculine, too feminine, too independent, too… too… too…too much ME.

There is a painfully on point reference that resonates for both of us in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland when The Hatter tells Alice:

“You’re not the same as you were before…you were much more muchier…You’ve lost your muchness.”

You are a magical individual, no box will hold you

This paradigm of being too much whilst also being not enough is instilled in women in our society from birth. We no longer live in the Victorian era, yet we still have Victorian notions about women being modest, paragons of virtue, comfortably able to be shoved into a box someone else has designed. But now women are rising up and wising up to this nonsense – and even Pandora is out of her box.

The thought of not being accepted or being deemed not enough by another person is devastating; regardless of how powerful and badass you are. But I f you find yourself daydreaming about unashamedly showing the world your full range of colours and aspects, there is action you can take to disentangle yourself from the web and reclaim your muchness.

Ready to reclaim your muchness? 

We don’t claim to have fully nailed this ourselves, reclaiming your muchness is a constant practice. But we are definitely down in the mud with you wrestling this boogey man! Some of the ways we are working on this aspect of healing are available through our offerings – practices like working with crystals, herbs, tarot and chocolate have been essential to us in reclaiming our muchness and may also support you on your own journey.

5 ways you can start reclaiming your muchness

  1. Practice awareness – recognise when situations or conversations have you caught between being too much or not enough.
  2. Integrate a release work practice (this could be as simple as crying it out or could involve tools such as Alchemical Chocolate).
  3. Acknowledge old patterns and focus on nurturing the triggered part of yourself.
  4. Remember, pretending not to care and pushing down your feelings is not the same as being unashamedly yourself without concerns about not being enough. 
  5. Learn to love yourself in all your muchness first.

The ONLY person whose opinion matters about you, is you. Everything else slots into place after.

It’s important to find all the qualities about yourself that you DO like first. Focus on those, nurture those, tell yourself why you like that about yourself. It’s like a positive snowball effect, self love is healing and in turn more self love germinates.

Figure out why you feel too much or not enough. Is this really how you feel? Or is this something you have learned to feel? 

Find out who you really are, and then love the shit out of her.
You deserve to love yourself and you deserve to be able to hold the exact amount of space in this world that you want to hold.

Never give your power away, don’t chase, be patient with yourself, accept yourself. Establish yourself; your habits, your basic foundations, your commitments. Always be there for yourself first. Yes, you may lose some people in the process but they didn’t value who you were anyway. In turn you will attract those who will value you and love you for who you are, in all of your muchness.


If you want to dive deeper into what this all means for you and how you can kick start your personal healing journey, we have some options for you to explore.

Gina is a Tarot reader, taking guidance from spirit to help you on your way to your next steps.

Lea offers Alchemical Chocolate Sessions where she holds space for you to talk through how to better figure out your healing journey.

We hope to hear from you soon x

wild as the moon

Remember, you are a powerful, badass woman with so much love and wisdom to share. This is Wild as the Moon, here for you. Gina x

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