A New Zodiac Month Is Upon Us; Leo season has begun. 

A New Zodiac Month Is Upon Us; Leo season has begun. 

Whether you are a Leo baby or not, the Sun has now moved into the sign of Leo and will bring this fiery energy to you between the 22nd July and the 21st August. 

Leo is ruled by the Sun and therefore this is a particularly powerful zodiac month energetically; sparking joy and fun in our hearts. 

Leos are known for their larger than life, happy personalities; if anyone knows how to laugh loudly and have fun, it is the Leo babies amongst us. This month we are learning to harness this beautiful energy and learning to heal our wounds through having fun. It’s time to remember what it is that lights your soul on fire.
What makes your cheeks ache from smiling?
What makes you truly belly laugh?
What inspires you?
What feeds your soul?

It’s time to lose your inhibitions, live in the moment and just enjoy yourself right now. Forget what lies ahead tomorrow, what makes you happy today?

The Leo energy this month is here to teach us to wholeheartedly be ourselves and to have the courage to look at ourselves from every angle. It’s time to see-it-all and learn to love it all – because that is where true healing starts. We often hold ourselves back for fear of being too much, fear of disapproval from others or fear of failure, but Leo has no room for this. It is the perfect time to figure out who you really are and unashamedly be that person no matter what.

This is your reminder that every time you are courageous enough to show up as the real you, when you put yourself out into the world authentically, you always attract similar minds and hearts – and you will inspire others to do the same. There is nothing to be afraid of and so much to be gained with Leo on your side. 

Leo wants you to celebrate life, enjoy the moment, do things that you are passionate about, say YES and disregard what other people think of you. Leo wants you to understand that the only approval you ever need is your own, life is to be enjoyed and if you love fiercely and honestly it will be returned to you. 

Leo in New Moon August 18th

The New Moon is the perfect time to get aligned with what you want from life; it is the start of a brand new moon cycle, and the perfect time to get creative with your vision. The New Moon holds powerful manifestation friendly energies so whatever you envision to be your perfect reality, now is the time to focus on making that happen.

Leo rules the heart and therefore with this New Moon in particular it is the perfect time to focus on love. Let your heart guide you towards who and what feels good to you, focus on all the things you love about yourself and all the things you love about your life and the people in it.

Gratitude and positivity will always return to you, especially when harnessing the power of such a powerful New Moon. 

Journaling prompts for Leo New Moon

  • What do I love about myself?
  • Can I be more courageous in expressing my authentic self to the world?
  • What is it that scares me about being my authentic self?
  • How can I start making changes to overcome these challenges?

If you want to dive deeper into what this all means for you, we have some more personal options for you to explore.

Gina is a Tarot reader, taking guidance from spirit to help you on your way to your next steps.

Lea offers Alchemical Chocolate Sessions where she holds space for you to talk through how to better figure out your healing journey.

We hope to hear from you soon x

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